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NEWS | April 3, 2023

KMASS: Knowledge Management at Scale and Speed

Project Lead:  Mr. Ted Senator                                                                

Sponsoring Organization:  DARPA


Project Synopsis:  KMASS aims to research, develop, integrate, evaluate, and demonstrate technology to enable effective use of documented knowledge, acquisition of new knowledge as part of regular workflows, and application of useful knowledge when and where it is required and with necessary granularity. KMASS seeks to scale to a broad set of tasks and contexts across an organization by collecting and modifying knowledge “in-the-flow” as part of regular task execution and applying the knowledge documented for one purpose to other purposes as appropriate. KMASS intends to deliver user-specific knowledge “nuggets” that are useful for a current task – regardless of whether the user requests the knowledge – exactly when needed, while avoiding irrelevant or already known information. This concept is a KMASS core tenet, referred to as the “JustINs”: just in time, just enough, and just for me. KMASS systems also will contain a persistent knowledge store comprising source documents in human-understandable form in multiple modalities (e.g., text, videos, presentations, etc.), augmented with appropriate tags and indexed for identification, retrieval, linking, and application, which will update at the speed of task performance. KMASS requires advances in three key complementary areas: organizing background knowledge, capturing local knowledge, and disseminating contextualized knowledge usefully, appropriately, and on time.