About DOT&E

In 1983, Congress established the position of the Director, Operational Test & Evaluation (DOT&E). The Director, appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate, is the principal official and adviser to the Secretary of Defense on all DoD matters related to operational (OT&E) and live fire test and evaluation (LFT&E) of DoD systems and services acquired via the Defense Acquisition System.

Pursuant to Sections 139, 4171, 4172, and 4231 of Title 10, U.S.C., Section 223 of Public Law 117-81, DoDD 5141.02, and DoDI 5000.89, the DOT&E:
  • Develops and updates policies and guidance for OT&E and LFT&E.
  • Designates select DoD programs for OT&E and LFT&E oversight and publishes and manages the T&E Oversight List.
  • Oversees, reviews, and independently reports on all OT&E and LFT&E activities and resources for programs on the T&E Oversight List.
  • Assesses the adequacy of and approves OT&E and LFT&E strategies and plans in support of all acquisition decisions. This includes the alternative LFT&E strategies required in support of waivers from full-up system-level (FUSL) testing.
  • Approves the adequacy of the multi-domain operational environment, threats, and targets used in LFT&E and OT&E.
  • Observes OT&E and LFT&E to evaluate compliance with approved strategies and plans.
  • Conducts an independent analysis of test data from across the acquisition life cycle and M&S results and in support of acquisition decisions; submits, as applicable, reports on the adequacy of LFT&E and OT&E and evaluations of operational effectiveness, suitability, survivability, and lethality to the: OSD, Joint Staff, DoD Components, and Congressional defense committees.
  • Submits a publicly releasable Annual Report to Congress summarizing key OT&E and LFT&E activities planned, executed, or reported on within the fiscal year, and related challenges.
  • In coordination with the DoD Component heads, defines strategic initiatives needed to update policy and meet future OT&E and LFT&E requirements.
Serves as an advisor to the Joint Requirements Oversight Council on matters within DOT&E authority and expertise to inform and influence requirements, concepts, capabilities-based assessments, and CONOPS.
DOT&E Frequently Asked Questions
  • How do I contact DOT&E?
    1. You may contact DOT&E by calling (703) 697-3655.
    2. You may send questions or comments to DOT&E by using the form on the contact page and selecting "Webmaster" as the recipient to send DOT&E an email.
  • How do I request a DOT&E Annual Report?
    1. You may request a printed copy of an Annual Report by visiting Public Affairs.
  • Where else may I find DOT&E reports?
    1. If you have a CAC card, you can access additional reports at the  DOT&E Extranet website.
    2. You may also access additional reports at the The Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC).