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Direct, coordinate, support, and conduct countermeasure and counter-countermeasure test and evaluation activities for U.S. weapon systems, protection systems, precision-guided weapon systems, and foreign systems. We support all U.S. military Services.

CCM was established and chartered in 1972, and it reports to OSD/DOT&E. CCM supports the T&E community by preparing for future needs in DoD emerging technology areas, leveraging allies' support to advance infrared and radio frequency threat countermeasures, and providing representative threat environment for pre-deployment warfighter training.

CCM Program Overview

Mobile Test and Collection Capabilities

  • Provide portable test instrumentation anywhere across CONUS or OCONUS
  • Operate and deploy mobile instrumentation capable of simulating an array of threats
  • Provide test agility required by DoD to develop and field critical countermeasures at operationally relevant speeds

Allied Project Arrangements

  • Collaborate with other agencies, foreign and domestic, to improve DoD survivability in contested environments
  • Develop partnerships that accelerate the delivery of countermeasure systems utilizing cutting-edge technologies, such as artificial intelligence, cyber, and electromagnetic spectrum survivability
  • Partner with allied working groups to evaluate the advancements and standardization of U.S. and foreign weapon systems T&E


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Countermeasure T&E Expertise

  • Address the emergence of more technologically advanced weapons systems
  • Facilitate testing and operational performance assessments of countermeasures and counter-countermeasure systems
  • Identify gaps in T&E capabilities, actions, and investments by collecting data and conducting analyses
  • Expedite testing to dominate and survive in increasingly complex multi-domain environments

Warfighter Excellence

  • Participate in military exercises to provide a contested environment
  • Participate in training on system survivability and equipment operation
  • Provide feedback on tactics, techniques, and procedures in an operational setting
CCM Capabilities


Moving into the next stage of technological evolution with advancements in space, cyber, unmanned aerial, hypersonics, and electro-optics

Updates coming soon!

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