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NEWS | May 9, 2022

Assured Autonomy

Project Lead:  Mr. William Martin                                                            

Sponsoring Organization:  DARPA


Project Synopsis:  The goal of the Assured Autonomy program is to create technology for continual assurance of learning-enabled, cyber physical systems (LE-CPSs). Continual assurance is defined as an assurance of the safety and functional correctness of the system provided provisionally at design time, and continually monitored, updated, and evaluated at operation-time as the system and its environment evolves. An LE-CPS is defined as a system composed of one or more learning-enabled components, where behavior is driven by “background knowledge” acquired and updated through a “learning process” while operating in a dynamic and unstructured environment. The program will prioritize challenge problems in the militarily relevant autonomous vehicle space but expects the tools, toolchains and algorithms created will be relevant to other LE-CPSs and integrated into LE-CPS design products available for use in both the commercial and defense sectors.