Our Mission

Direct, coordinate, support, and conduct countermeasure and counter-countermeasure test and evaluation activities for U.S. weapons systems, protection systems, precision-guided weapon systems, and foreign systems. We support all U.S. military Services.

We are a tenant organization at White Sands Missile Range, NM, and report to and receive guidance from the Office of the Secretary of Defense / Director, Operational Test and Evaluation.

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CCM Initiatives

Mobile Test and Collection Capabilities

  • Support T&E of the latest technologies across CONUS/OCONUS
  • Reduce logistical footprint for stakeholders
  • Support joint operations
  • Process data for stakeholders at machine speeds

Allied Intelligence

  • Collaborate with other agencies, foreign and domestic, to improve DoD survivability in contested environments
  • Develop partnerships that accelerate the delivery of countermeasure systems utilizing cutting-edge technologies, such as artificial intelligence, cyber, and electromagnetic spectrum survivability

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Interdisciplinary Expertise

  • Provide and promote T&E in countermeasure/countercountermeasures
  • Foster an agile and enduring workforce to promote a speed of need approach
  • Test and evaluate DoD system/subsystem level designs to achieve multidomain superiority

Warfighter Excellence

  • Participate in military exercises to provide a contested environment
  • Train aircrews on aircraft survivability and equipment system operation
  • Provide feedback on aircrews’ tactics, techniques, and procedures in an operational setting
CCM Capabilities

Directed Energy and Counter-Unmanned Aerial Systems


Survivability Equipment


Warfighter Training


Live Fire & Signature Collection


Moving into the next stage of technological evolution with advancements in space, cyber, unmanned aerial, hypersonics, and electro-optics
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