Live Fire & Signature Collection

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CCM utilizes signature measurement instrumentation for the collection of imaging and radiometric data of threat missiles. These data improve signature models for Man-Portable Air Defense Systems (MANPADS) and rocket, artillery, and mortars to enhance digital representation for MANPADS and hardware-in-the-loop models used for evaluating missile warning systems and countermeasure performance. CCM also provisions remote launch systems for missile launch support. CCM's support and instrumentation are used to detect, identify, and characterize unknown objects near critical installations to improve threat awareness and mitigate risks to U.S. assets.   


  • Joint Standard Instrumentation Suite (JSIS)
  • Remote Launcher System (RLS)
  • Missile Airframe Simulation Testbed (MAST)-M
Capabilities & Instrumentation


The JSIS is a suite of instrumentation that collects data used for model development, validation, ground truth for testing and evaluation, and post-test anomaly resolution. The suite allows DOT&E to evaluate systems that were tested with authoritative intel-based models and provides free-flight missile test data for the development of flyout and plume signature models and the improvement of missile warning systems.



The RLS provides remote launch capability for MANPADS during live-fire events to evaluate system performance against missile threats. The system allows single and multiple missile-type launches in remote locations for single-threat and multi-threat engagement scenarios.



The MAST-M is an end-to-end recoverable surrogate missile system to provide a test capability for Aircraft Survivability Equipment by emulating the flight dynamics and spectral/spatial/temporal signatures of MANPADS.

CCM Capabilities