AAC/46OG/OGM Air Armament Center/46th Test Wing/ Munitions Test Division

ACQ Web Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics

ADM Acquisition Decision Memoranda CAC Required to view this site.

AFFTC Air Force Flight Test Center

AF T&E Air Force Test and Evaluation

AFOTEC Air Force Operational Test and Evaluation Center

AEC Army Evaluation Center

ATEC Army Test and Evaluation Command


CCM Center for Countermeasures

COMOPTEVFOR Navy Commander Operational Test and Evalutation Force


DAB Schedule Defense Acquisition Board Schedule CAC Required to view this site.

DAMIR Defense Acquisition Management Information Retrieval

DSMC Defense Systems Management College

DT&E Developmental Test & Evaluation

DTIC Defense Technical Information Center - Note: DOT&E Reports are archived here.

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IDA Institute for Defense Analyses

ITEA International Test and Evaluation Association


JASA Joint Accreditation Support Activity

JASPO Joint Aircraft Survivability Program Office

JITC Joint Interoperability Test Command

JT&E Joint Test & Evaluation


MCOTEA Marine Corps Operational Test and Evalutation Activity

MDAP Major Defense Acquistion Program List

MSIAC Modeling and Simulation Information Analysis Center


NAWCWPNS Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division

NDIA National Defense Industrial Association

NRL Naval Research Laboratory

NSWC Naval Surface Warfare Center


ONR Office of Naval Research


SURVIAC Survivability/Vulnerability Information Analysis Center